Friday, March 11, 2005

Not Much Knitting... I'm in the midst of grading 105 six-page papers, advising two PhD dissertations on their methodologies, and critiquing a 40 page document by the student ad team. A bit busy on this end. I'm about to meet my small discussion section for breakfast celebrating the last day of class (yay) and of winter term (yay yay).

The second piece of the hunk of black sweater is almost done (and honestly, I've made a good half-dozen mistakes on both sides that I didn't catch until, oh, 25 rows later) so whichever side is least tainted will become the front. Ruffles grows by millimeters. It is looking more ruffly though. No progress on Meadow Flowers, and the new Lion and Lamb looks at me beseechingly from the top of the stash. Next week, my beauty, I promise.

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