Sunday, March 13, 2005

Still not much knitting...

...due to unforeseen need to replace the washing machine. And Tim's desire to completely rearrange the furniture in the front of the house to make room for his new television set. This weekend was just one domino falling after the other...started moving furniture while waiting for the repairman...repairman giving us the ridiculous estimate for fixing the worst washing machine ever made (Maytag Neptune, I curse ye) to Sears for new washer...back to move furniture....realize need more furniture for new television...realize need new cables for new to donate the old television since if we don't do something with it it will live in the middle of the living room...and on and on.

BUT...finished capri cables and will sew it up during spring break. The ruffles scarf is about 22", the meadow flowers shawl about the same length. I think I have spun enough gray and black yarn for the little bucket bag I'm designing in my head.
I'm looking forward to some serious knitting time during spring vacation.

Another week of almost-summer like weather predicted here in the Pacific Northwest.

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