Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wait (Whoa Yes Wait a Minute Mr. Postman)

Did you get your new VK yet?

You did?

Why didn't I get mine?

I think I go through this every few months or so....I read that others got their VK and I don't have mine and I get all nervous-like and I start making plans to stop by Borders to get a copy of VK so I can look at it NOW!

Usually it arrives just in the nick of time before I spend the $ at the bookstore for a duplicate copy. So that should mean it comes today. I'll let you know.

Did a lot of spinning yesterday, this gorgeous silk/merino handpaint that I bought on EBay.I'll set the twist today and post a pic. Also did a lot of work on the 'knit a knotted' (that needs a new name) and on the white shell. I love spring break.

I just finished reading "The Geographer's Map" and it wasn't very good. Also read "Broken for You" which wasn't very good either. I started "Baker Towers" but got bored easily. I need a new book. Off to the library today. Suggestions for good reads are also welcome!

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Unknown said...

This fellow Oregonian also hasn't gotten her VK.