Thursday, March 17, 2005

What's Green and Sits Outside?*

Happy St. Patty's day. I just returned from taking Tim to the airport...he is off to St. Louis to spend a couple days with his family. After the disaster that was Thanksgiving he didn't even ask me to go...he is meeting his sister from SJ there. So that should be nice for them. He took the camera so I can't post any pictures of...

...the almost done Meadow Flowers shawl! One more side of lace border and then I'm blocking it baby! I'm very pleased.

I cast on for another Capri Cables shell (I know..I know...there are lots of shells in the world to knit, but I LIKE this one) and as soon as the shawl is done I'll cast on yet another project (not sure what..maybe a felted something, or another afghan square).

The lace border requires incredible concentration but it seems to be going OK.

*Paddy O'furniture. I love that joke.


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I'm tired, or maybe this cold's gone to my head, but that made me chuckle. ;)

Kate said...

Ha ha ha! That's a good one!