Friday, March 18, 2005


As you all as my witnesses, I am on an official yarn diet. I enter a YNBA (yarn non buying agreement) with myself, to last from this day (March 18, 2005) until June 24, 2005. From my calculations, that is a total of 98 days.

I realized a few moments ago that my stash was out of control. What started as two sorta full bins in the closet (and a plastic storage bag partially full under the bed) is now two bins overflowing with yarn, a plastic storage bag overflowing with yarn, at least four big bags of yarn stuck into nooks and crannies, and a giant LL Bean tote overflowing with yarn.

Theme: overflow.

Plus, I have lots of fiber to spin, which means more yarn. And given the stash I have, I could make Christmas presents from now til doomsday, and still have yarn left over for, um, me. So I must not buy yarn until June 24, 2005.

Why that date, in particular? It is the first day of the Black Sheep Gathering , a terrific fiber festival here in Eugene. Lots of unique yarn and fibers. A great stock up place. So that's why.

So, I now begin. However, there are some caveats I've allowed myself

1. If I find yarn that is more than 50% off, then I can buy that. Note, not 50% off, MORE than 50% off. But I have to have a specific project in mind, I can't buy it just because it is 'such a deal'.
2. But if I bring more in, I must get rid of the same amount (in grams) of the yarn. Either through EBay or some other means.
3. If I run out of fiber for spinning before June 24, 2005, then I can get some more. But as before, I must get rid of the same amount (in grams) of the yarn.
4. Fleece Artist is exempt from the YNBA. I love this yarn. It is difficult to find. Call my a hypocrit (and spell it correctly). It's my YNBA.

Wish me luck on my endeavor. Or if you wish, sing the Village People song with new lyrics:
"No fun to live with a

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