Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Frogged: What Next?

I frogged the 'blues tank' that I was making in pink cotton-ease. I had made an oh-so-slight error in the calculation and the tank was being knit to fit two of me at least (at one time). It wasn't very fun to work on, and I just wasn't into knitting it. It was almost punishment.

So what should I make next? I started on a box lace pattern sweater for my mom (from the book Hip to Knit, which contains many patterns specifically not hip, but she likes Patons Divine and there is a sweater made from that very yarn in the book). I finished a square yesterday, and I have my Happy Socks (picks soon, I promise). So I need something sort of on the low-involvement knitting side of the spectrum for the last few weeks of school. I"m thinking about a lacy scarf in a somewhat easy pattern (from Exquisite KNits or something like that) or a reversible cable scarf for my brother for Christmas. I have yarn for both. Any thoughts welcome. The lacy scarf might be for me or might be for my aunt for Christmas.

I signed up for, mostly so I could read the books for Knit the Classics and I started it yesterday. I learned that I need to NOT do an afghan square in order to get the whole story. Live and learn.

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