Thursday, May 26, 2005

I angered the knitting goddess

My post yesterday...commenting that the book Hip to Knit is not hip at all....must have angered the Knitting Goddess. I started on the box lace sweater for my Mom, and have made a mess out of it not once but twice. The pattern is a straightforward basketweave, with the first row being a lace pattern that is basically this:

*k3, yo, slip1, k2tog, yo*

That I just can't keep straight. I think it is that second yarn over that gets me. Or else it is the Patons Divine. Anyway, I send supplications to the Knitting Goddess and ask her forgiveness for my hubris.

I also started on a shawl from a pattern in the new Creative Knitting. I haven't liked a thing..A this magazine until the current issue. The shawl is a simple yo k2tog pattern (although I really shouldn't say it is simple, given my current tenuous relationship with the KG) and I'm doing it in some beautiful pastel Fleece Artist wool/silk. Pictures once it gets going.

Anyway, on to more pictures.

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