Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I spy a FO!

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I was a bit out of it yesterday. I was stiff and sore from painting (I did a lot of the areas that required body contortion...we have a wood stove in the corner) and from the cats' new obsession with having play time at 4:30 am. But...had a good night's sleep last night (and a hot bath) and I'm feeling as good as new.

Spent much of the out of it part of the evening yesterday working on the moebius scarf (as modeled by our lamp). The scarf is made out of my own handspun...a silk/merino blend for the main part of the scarf and merino for the icord edging (the purple part). The pattern is from Cat Bordhi's First Treasury of Magical Knitting. It knitted up fast fast fast and really shows off the colors in the handspun (albeit that's hard to see from the photo).

There are 4 weeks left in this term (three weeks of classes and then finals week) and I feel like I"m slogging through mud to get through them. I'm ready for a break.

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Dudleyspinner said...

I really like mobius strip scarves, they are my favorite to wear. I like your colors! I am currently knitting one with tiny scraps of handspun, to little to do much with, and too big to throw away. This time I am using two long cable needles so it isn't so scruched up. I use a felting needle to hide all the ends, there are many many ends.