Monday, May 30, 2005

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This is the back of the block lace sweater I'm making for my mom for Christmas. It doesn't look like much since:
a. it is jumbled up on the needles and
b. it really needs to be stretched out and
c. the yarn that the pattern recommends and that I'm using (Patons Divine) really doesn't have much 'stitch definition' and so you can't really see the box pattern that much.

But I like it. I like the colors very very much...I know it looks like a huge blob of rosey pinky red but there are actually threads of gold and rust in there too.

In other news, I read "A Good Yarn", the sequel to 'The Shop on Blossom Street" this weekend. It was OK. The best thing about it is that Debbie Macomber writes about real women with real problems: rebellious children, bad marriages, blah blah, but then the 'happily ever after' part was a bit contrived (IMHO). Anyway. If it didn't have knitting in it I'd never read it. But I did.

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