Friday, May 20, 2005

Little Room Update

Well, it is not as bad as we thought....we bought more paint last night (bought being a misnomer, we went to the paint store with evidence and they gave us a bunch o' paint for free) and Tim did a little test to see if the 'new' paint looked more like the 'first round' paint or the 'second round' paint. The good news is that it matches...perfectly...the 'first round' paint so this means we don't have to paint the whole room, but re-roll the one wall and two half-walls that got the 'second round' paint. Whew. Big Relief.

We are supposed to have our first nice weekend in yonks, so that is very good news.

I finished Tim's socks (lots of meetings in the past 2 weeks) and cast on for a pair for me. I'm getting better at socks. I also cast on for the Blues Tank (will find a link soon) and am about halfway done with another square. Pics soon.

Cody the red dog had his teeth cleaned yesterday. What is such a simple thing for people is such a production for dogs....the last time he had his teeth cleaned he had a seizure from the anesthesia so I was pretty worried all day yesterday. But our wonderful vet Marnee was all over this and he did great. He was a little tired and hungry but is pretty much back to 100% adorable today.

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