Monday, May 16, 2005

Loooong weekend

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We spent the day painting our family room yesterday. The entire day...and it still isn't done. We ran out of paint just about the time the paint store closed, and have about a wall and a half left that need a second coat.

We spent much of the day wondering if the color was ok: it was too pink, then too purple, then I couldn't see any color in it at all. As it dried, it turned into a wonderful sand color (think the beach at a really good sunset). We like it. Which is good, since I really don't want to paint again.

Little knitting was done, but I did finish this square of the GAAA. And cast on for a moebius scarf with handspun, as I was contemplating on my previous posts. Hopefully I'll have more excitement to report later this week.

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