Monday, May 30, 2005

Mystery Photo!

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Do you know what these are?

Have you guessed?

OK. I'll tell you. They are 'felted soaps': bar soaps that have a felted wool covering around them. No, you can't take the covering off. Someone called it 'a sweater for soap' but it's not, it's more like a rough skin for soap. Anyway, did these by hand...took some batts, wrapped around, and then, well, washed my hands til the wool felted. Not a good use for the soap, but have read ways that you can felt without using too much soap.

Anyway, add these to the list of things I'll give people for Christmas. Hey, Merry Christmas, I think you smell (just kidding).

Tim says I must include explanations as to what it is with the gift. Oh. OK.

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