Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Random Musings

I didn't have much knitting time yesterday. I planned a good hour in the middle of the day, and had a little lawn mower adventure.

We bought a new lawn mower over the weekend: the cord that you pull to start the mower broke off and then got sucked into the guts of the mower. It was pretty much a mess of a mower anyway (if you want it come snatch it off our front lawn!). So, we bought an electric mower.

Now, please note that we have about 150 square feet of yard, so we're not talking about a huge mower need here. But...we haven't mowed all winter, and it is a bit, um, overgrown. Anyway, Tim did the first pass over the weekend and then we let it dry out. I went to take a second pass yesterday, and within seconds (seriously, seconds) mowed over the extension cord.


It doesn't end there. I found another extension cord but when I plugged that in, the mower didn't start. Turns out the outlet wasn't working. I flicked the circuit breaker, nope, nothing happened.

So when Tim came home we flipped all the circuits and still nothing. Tim takes off the cover of the plug looking to see if it had one of those gfi reset buttons..nope.

Finally, he had the idea to reset all the plugs in the house with gfis...even though none are near that outlet. And guess what, ..four hours after I started mowing, we found the plug with the gfi that needed resetting (in the guest bath, miles (ok yards) away from the plug. And then five minutes later (seriously) Tim was done mowing.

So that sort of messed up my day. I was so frazzled I screwed up my new square (not really true, I wasn't paying attention and thought I could do a 'difficult' square and I can't. So I frogged that and cast on for an easier square).

Such is my knitting life.


General Ginger said...

LOL Reminds me of a similar experience I had once with the hedgetrimmers. There was an extension cord in that story too.

Marina said...

Guess that explains the lack of a post yesterday. Hope today is better for you.