Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday Updates

The little room is done, done, done. Tim did the walls Friday night and even though we were tempted to sit up all night watching paint dry, we didn't...and we awoke Saturday morning to a pretty good looking room. Saturday morning we spent touching up (Tim) and picking dry paint off the woodwork (me) and then we called it done. Now the room awaits the new couch and it will be done.

So, clearly, not a lot of knitting done. I'm still working on the rib stitch ribbing for the Blues Tank and cast on for another sock. I'm about 3/5 of the way done with my square...things are just in the 'getting going' stage and not to interesting right now.

We had dinner with Steve and Jen, the parents-to-be" last night at a restaurant called the Koho Bistro. Interesting place, popcorn was on the appetizer menu (it was good!). Jen looks like she's just about ready to become a Mom, so now I get antsy whenever I get an email from them or when the phone rings during non-work hours. They still don't have a name for the baby (you may know him as Frodo) so if you have any good name ideas let me know and I'll pass them along. Last night at dinner we focused on 'er' names: Foster, Spencer. I think they thought the names weren't any better or worse than any of the gazillion names they have already considered.

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Kate said...

Painting is the easy part. It's all the prep work (moving furniture out of the room, covering the floor, etc.) that I can't stand!