Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Costa Rica!

I can wiggle into a position where I can type and where the arm doesn't hurt that much, so I thought I'd post a bit about our great trip to Costa Rica. Minimal knitting was accomplished, but maximum joy occured!

Day One: a four hour raft trip on the Pacuare river. We were in a group of 4 rafts going on an 18KM trip with class 2, 3 and 4 rapids. It was pretty much one rapid right after the other, which kept it fun. The water was so warm. It was an amazing trip.

That night we were driven by 'our' driver, Juan Carlos, to Reserva Pacuare, a working biology station wtih two researchers, eight assistants, about half a dozen volunteers, and some student groups. We were 'visitors' and were welcome to participate in any of the resarch activities that we wished. That night we went out on 'turtle patrol' to look for laying green turtles and also to look for poachers. Saw neither.

Day Two: started the day with a three hour 'nature walk' where we saw three different types of monkeys, lots of lizards, and Akami Herons. That afternoon, we participated in an excavation where we dug up a nest that was no longer viable...and we met a young hatchling and helped it on its way to the sea. That night, Tim patrolled and I sat and read.

Day Three: Took a canal boat ride on the canals around Reserva Pacuare, and saw more amazing animals, including a caymen and a sloth. Then, Juan Carlos took us up in the Jungle to Selva Bananito. RElaxed in our cabana hammocks and met the six or so other guests at dinner.

Day Four: An eight-hour waterfall hike, guided by Justo. We went with several other guests at the lodge: Cammy and Mark, newlyweds from DC, Haven and Elena from Key West, and Ryan from LA. An amazing hike up the Benanito Riverbed: we saw an eight foot long boa sunning itself on a rock (and we stood about 5 feet away). Tim rapelled down a waterfall and I rapelled down a40ft wall. Then to the hammocks, of course, and then to dinner.

Day Five: A wonderful horseback ride on "Amigo" which ended with me being thrown off (ugh) and a trip to the hospital in Limon. The upside was the ability to spend the day with Jurgen and Sofia Stein, the owners of Selva Bananito,and to hear about all their conservation work at the Lodge. We stayed on the beach in Limon in order not to have to ride up the mountain road back to Selva B.

Day Six: I rested at the hotel and was visited by the head of orthopedics at the Limon hospital who is friend of Jurgen's. A bit of a bumpy ride back to San Jose, and a delicious dinner at the Hotel Bergerac. Then home.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures really soon, including the pictures of me knitting at a waterfall. I probably knit about two inches of a sock cuff. Too much to do!

I am having surgery on Thursday and hopefully will start feeling better soon.

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Anonymous said...

We know the surgery will be a success, but we will be thinking of you nonetheless! Are you going for the "bionic" upgrade? :-)