Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We had a good long weekend...a good mix of mellow and busy (mostly mellow, to be honest). We spent Saturday at the Art and the Vineyard festival (and even rode bikes there). Sunday we took a long walk with the dogs and then smoked ribs and toted them over to Steve and Jen's to celebrate Evan's first July 4th (well, July 3rd actually, but who's counting). And yesterday we slept in and hung out all day long. A good time.

I started on a 'real' lace project (ie using 'real' lace weight yarn), the 'lead or follow' lace scarf. Lace doesn't quite have the instant gratification of, say, socks, since you can't really see the pattern until it is blocked (or else I'm really, really messing this up). I am proud of myself for learning how to read the chart (which you kind of have to do when no written instructions are included) so something positive will come of this lace experience. The jury is still out on whether this is something that I'll want to do a lot of or not.

If you haven't gone there yet: please visit My Button Blog and let me know what you think of the buttons I'm working on! Thanks!

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