Thursday, July 28, 2005

On the Mend

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Look, look, look: a sock. I finished all but the heel this morning, and even though it is a simple, straightforward sock it represents a return to some normalcy for me.

The sock is for Tim, and it is made from Lion Brand Magic stripes.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
And here is a photo of the sock in progress in Costa Rica. Please note the following:

1. This picture was taken halfway through an eight hour hike up a river bed, over a mountain, and back down the river bed.
2.There was no electricity at Selva Bananito, hence the horrible hair day I'm having.
3. In the background is someone rapelling down the waterfall.
4. No, I don't take my knitting on jungle adventures as a rule, it just happened to be stowed in the backpack and I forgot to take it out.


Unknown said...

I need to know if you can tell me what other papers are in Eugene other than the Register-Guard.

Kim in Oregon said...

Hey Jenni---there is a weekly 'alternative' paper called the Eugene Weekly (comes out on Thursdays I think...) and that's about it.

Kate said...

That's a great shot -- there you are, calming knitting in the foreground, and behind you, there's a crazy person hurtling down the waterfall!