Friday, July 29, 2005

Two Good Books

I went into work for a couple of hours yesterday, and got a bit sore and worn out, so today is a day of rest for me. I have two good books that I've begun, totally different, and wanted to recommend them to you.

The Historian, by Elizabeth Kosova. Some call it this year's DaVinci Code but it is a bit more literary with a stronger sense of charachter. It is about a woman who becomes involved in researching whether Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula) is still alive. Given the topic, it is a quiet and contemplative book (at least so far) and I'm really enjoying it.

Snobs, by Julian Fellowes, who wrote the screenplay to Gosford Park. This is a funny story of what happens when you 'marry up' into the British upper classes. Add in a theatrical backstory and it is a great summer read.

So there you go. I may start a fish or a Aran Afghan square today too. And hopefully get rid of this tormenting cough that I've had for a week.

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