Friday, September 09, 2005

Can you guess what this is?

scared to touch this
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It's beautiful, isn't it (no I didn't make it)?

It is silk. Dyed silk hankies, to be exact. According to my fantastic KR Secret Pal, I can knit this silk hanky into a scarf. It looks a bit complex yet absolutely fascinating. I must admit I"m a little scared of a pattern that begins "find a quiet place" but I'll give this a try. Thanks Secret Pal. You are so creative!

number 11
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Behold the eleventh square, which combines cables and lace. Totally messed with my head. I could point out all the erros in this but never mind. Next.

first toe-ups
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I finished my first pair of toe-up socks and this continues to be my favorite methods of socking. No kitchener. No picking up of stitches. Who could ask for anything more??

I'm going to do a pair for Tim with Mountain Colors Bearfoot next, trying to KnitPicks method of two socks toe up on two circs. Wish me luck!


Stephanie said...

No picking up stitches is nice - but I love kitchner! I guess I'm wierd.. :)

Alison said...

Those silk hankies are beautiful. I look forward to seeing what happens with them.