Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lace Haters Anonymous

I have a bunch of lace weight yarn in my stash. I've probably spent $30 on lace patterns. But, as I reminded myself today, I just can't do lace.

I bought some really pretty Crystal Palace Kid Merino, and thought I'd try a lace scarf. Bad idea. No matter what...I end up with the wrong number of stitches. I know it isn't the little needles, since I'm fine with socks. I've done lace using worsted weight yarn, so I know that technically I can do lace. I think it is just the thin thin thin yarn that screws me up. Sock yarn is substantial, in its way. Lace yarn isn't.

So, what is a knitter to do? Sell the lace from the stash? Gift it to someone (which sounds like the best idea to me)? Hmm hmm hmm. I guess I could try some patterns holding two srands together, but not sure if that would work for me. I think lace and I just don't mix.

Suggestions welcome. And if you want to buy some Zephyr, let me know.


Elspeth said...

I realized recently that I have an awful lot of lace yarn too, and I didn't buy it to make lace, either!

Stephanie said...

If you are having trouble getting the right number of stitches then holding two strands of yarn together probably will just mess you up more. It will be really hard to see the stitches with two strands togther. Some lace patterns have a different number of stitches on every row - maybe you aren't really messing up when you think you are?