Friday, September 23, 2005

Outcomes of a 6-Hour faculty meeting

tiger foot
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Lucky me: six hours in a conference room with the loony bin known as the Journalism Faculty. What's a girl to do? Well, lookie how far I got on the tiget sock. It is part of the opal rainforest collection...and I love it. The socks will have black toes and black afterthought heels. And they're for Tim, and he already loves them.

I wish the rest of the faculty meeting could have been as productive.

vest part one
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Here's the first look at the vest I'm designing. If you look closely, you can see yellow ring markers on the needle and the plait cable in between the markers. So far, so good. I love the feel of this yarn and the colorway looks good.

While the weather is supposed to be delightfully fallish this weekend here, it will not be so nice other places. My friend Helen and her husband Danny have boarded up their windows in Houston and will ride out the storm. Please hold a good thought for them.


Irie said...

cute socks - i love how those are turning out!

Todd and Darrin said...


As I am sure you are aware, many men, including myself are into knitting! I leared how to crochet first and then took up knitting. I have become an avid knitter in the past 4 years...I have attempted 1 pair of socks. I didn;t complete them because the sock looked like it was made for an elephants leg. I don't like to knit a whole project on double-points, so I was excited to see you did your socks on circular needles, my favorite needles. Can you tell me what size needles and what pattern you are using? Thanks! Todd Fuller p.s. I am from Portland, Oregon!