Thursday, September 15, 2005

So that's why the model had a big-collared shirt on!

looks ok..
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I finished the boogie vest from today (no linking to the pattern,since I don't think this should ever be made again). I followed the instructions exactly, spent too much time doing the &^$%#( seams (ended up backstitching, I cannot cannot cannot do mattress stich thank you very much) and then tried it on.

It looked, um, odd.

Why? Because there is no shaping at all at the collar. See if this close up helps you see what I"m talking about.

..til you see it up close
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OK. So the top just ends. I divided down the middle for a v-neck effect with about 4 or so inches left to go, then you knit half of one side, bind off half of one side, bind off half of the second side, then knit the second half. So the 'outside' half of the front matches the back of the vest shaping. And the 'bound off' part just, um, sits there.

The pattern says to do a cable chain around the collar but this would just add to the oddness. The reason I didn't notice it originally was that the model in the pattern had a big collared shirt that obfuscated the entire top of the vest.

So. Do I buy a big collar shirt? Or is there some way to finish this off so the front becomes a bit more v-necky and less dorky looking?

I mean honestly, I would have liked it better as crew neck with a cable up the middle. Hmm. I could sew up the center seam and do that. That's an option.

Anyway. If you have suggestions please please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Hmm, see what you mean about that collar, or lack of it. If you still have more yarn, maybe you can just borrow the instructions for shaping and collar from another pattern? Crew, like you mentioned. Or even a funnel neck -- that might be nice.

emy said...

Hi Elf Pal,

Say if you do crochet, how about doing 2 rows where the v-slit is and then a row around the rest of the collar to neaten it up?