Sunday, September 25, 2005

That pesky little gap!

happy toe ups
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I finished the toe ups for Tim and here they are happily living on his feet. As you notice, though (or maybe you didn't) there's still a little gap where the heel transitions to the leg. Oof. I keep trying to close this up when I knit but I still don't get it. If you have suggestions let me know. Hopefully, the 'bloom' of the yarn from washing will help minimize this. Who knows. There's always the solution of a little piece of yarn tied in a knot to close it together.

midwest moonlight
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I've been working on this scarf on-and-off for about a week now. It is the 'midwest moonlight' pattern from Scarf Style. I chose a pretty vibrant Fleece Artist yarn for this, and 'midwest oil refinery fire' might be a more appropriate name.

This scarf is likely to take forever. First of all, I have about 800 yards of the yarn and I want to use it all. Next, it takes about an hour to do the sixteen rows of the pattern. The sixteen rows progress me about 2 inches. So, if I want a 70 inch scarf, it will take a total of 35 hours. And that is if I don't have to frog a row here and there, which I will have to do, since it is lace. And all.


Kate said...

35 hours! Isn't it amazing how much time it takes to make some projects! But with such pretty yarn, it's worth the time and energy.

Irie said...

About that gap... I haven't yet knit toe-up, I'm a top-down-heel-flap kind of girl. But I too get a small gap there. To remedy the gap, I use a twisted knit stitch ( to tighten things up. For bigger gaps it might help to do an increase/decrease to use up that strand of yarn that stretches across the gap - this site has a pointer, search for "HINT":

Your midwest moonlight looks great! There's a Scarf Style Knit-Along site you might be interested in,

Happy knitting! :)