Saturday, September 17, 2005

Today's Lessons

1. Socks do not good blogging make.

I've spent the last day trying to get the feet of the toe-ups to the heel turn, since the weekend is here and I'll have time to concentrate on them. The good news is: I"m there. The bad news is: not much else to say about that.

2. Two socks on two circs has downsides.

Working on two socks at once makes sock progression much, much slower than one at a time (what a surprise! Who knew??). Additionally, I get the needles confused sometimes and end up with two socks on one needle, 1 1/2 socks on one needle and 1/2 a sock on the other needle, and affiliated messes that take me a while to straighten out. That hasn't happened when just doing one sock (oh of course, I've had times where one sock has ended up on one needle, but that's easy to fix).

3. Knitting messes look better the next day.

I tried on the vest (below) yesterday and it looks a little better...not the total mess I thought it was. I think I found an easy fix that will make me happy with the vest.

4. Designing in your head is easier than designing on paper.

I want to do a vest in the round with a cable panel down the front splitting at the vneck In the round. I just have to plot it out so it isn't a disaster. That's a slow process.

5. Vests are 'in' with me.

I don't care what fashion says. I refuse to do sleeves again. Well, until I do the blackberry from

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