Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wind me Up!

somebody's got a ball winder
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Yep. I got me a ball winder and a swift. I can't begin to tell you how much easier these two things can make a knitter's life. I bought them both can get the Royal ball winder from a number of sources, and I got a swift from a woodworker in Washington (will post his info when I find his card). It was very reasonably priced, which is kind of rare for a swift. Anyway...the two 'cakes' at the top are 800+ yards of Fleece Artist (wound in like three minutes) and the middle one is a skein of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb, one of three I'll use for my Clapotis.

I've had the 'what do I do' blues for a few days. I started on the Midwest Moonlight Scarf using the above Fleece Artist (blue leicestershire) which I like. I'm also working on square 11 which I'm totally messing up, and finishing up the toe up socks.
The new Knitty magazine has a couple great sweaters, includng the Blackberry, which I really like...I might use my stash of Handpainted Yarns from Mario to do that sweater (if I have enough) (which I don't know if I do).


fish for days
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Here are all the little fishes laid out in the hallway. I'll sew them together and then do some kind of decorative edging (I'd like to do a little cable but I'm thinking maybe a two color attached icord could be fun too). At the top of the fish is Jessie Cat who is unsure about all the fish in her hallway.

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