Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not Much New!

Tim is home, and that's nice. I finally feel that our lives are getting a bit back to normal. Work has been busy, too busy for the first three weeks, and I feel pulled in a million different directions. Knitting really makes me focus and calm down. I haven't needed it that much until now. So that's good.

We've started to become addicted to Sudoku . Our local paper publishes a new puzzle every day and Tim can do the four star ones, while I'm happy if I get a 2 star one done. Now if there was just some way I could combine knitting and sudoku. Any ideas?


Irie said...

I love sudoku too! Hmmm... combining knitting and sudoku... you could use the finished sudoku puzzles as a knitting pattern for intarsia with ten colors! :)

Unknown said...

My DH and I are addicted to sudoku, as well. Him more than me, cause of knitting.