Monday, October 24, 2005

Obsessive Knitting

rimrock 1
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I have been obsessed, OBSESSED I tell you, with kntting the Rimrock Cape from Cat Bordhi's First Treasury of Magical Knitting.

I love doing moebius (moebi?) and this cape has a moebius collar. And to make it even more obsessive-making, the collar's knit in what readers of my blog know is my new knitting love, Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon. So I was obsessed with finishing that yesterday. Then, comes the creation of the cape part, which is alternating rounds of Mountain Colors Mohair and Mountain Colors Moguls. Now, these aren't as fun to work with as the Merino Ribbon, but the darn cape grows so fast! Right before your eyes!! So I really couldn't stop.
All day yesterday. Row after row.

Right now it looks sort of like a 1950's stole, but it will probably be finished soon. I did make myself work on my black berry today to break the obsession, but my fingers are itching to get back to it.

And what did YOU do?


Cecilia said...

Hi Kim, Cecilia visiting here. :-) The question that comes to my mind is: do those animals let *you* sit on that couch? :-) Your stole looks beautiful!

Kim in Oregon said...

Cecilia--the dogs are only allowed on the 'red' couch, and for some reason the cats only like the back of the striped couch. So the knitting gets to sit on the striped couch!