Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Our little cat Stella (scroll down to see her picture, she is the little black cat) is in a bad way. We knew she had a bit of brain damage at birth, but for the past week she's been having some strange 'seizure-like episodes' that involve hyper grooming, loss of control, disorientation, and some odd drool. These episodes last less than a minute each, and she's had three in a week.

She's going to a new vet today: our old vet, the Amazing Marnee, moved to Portland and she recommended Dr. Gibson, so let's hope she knows what's going on. It may be epilepsy, it may be FHS,it may be a food allergy, but Stella is suffering and we must find a way to fix it.

I'll update this post if we have any news, in the meantime, please hold a good thought for little Stella.

UPDATE: The vet is doing bloodwork to rule out 'organic' causes (allergies, hyperthyroidism, the like) but feels very confident that it is epilepsy caused by her head trauma at birth. We'll know more tomorrow. She has ruled out FHS for the time being. The other piece of good news is that Dr. G. will be seeing the Amazing Marnee this weekend, so we'll get a 'free' second opinion too. The likely treatment would be a low dose of Phenobarbita (sp?). Anyway...at least we're starting the healing process. She's had such a hard life and she's only two...we'll do whatever we can to help her out.


Unknown said...

I hope stella feels better soon.

JGC Photography said...

Good luck with Stella.

SAM said...

I so understand doing whatever it takes for a beloved friend. Keep us posted on Stella's progress.

Stephanie said...

Kim - This is really similar to what happened to my golden retriever. He developed epilepsy at around 18 months. It's very scary but the medication will probably help a whole lot - just as long as you remember to give it to her at a regular time. My dog lived for 7 years with epilepsy before having to be put to sleep because of other medical issues. So don't worry, I think you will be able to help Stella live a long & happy life.

Anonymous said...

I hope Stella is feeling better soon. She looks like my Pearl-girl. :-)

Anonymous said...

My best to Stella for a speedy recovery.

Our dog,Georgie, had epilepsy and lived a good long happy life. It can be very scary but with a loving mom and dad and your kitty can be very happy.