Monday, October 03, 2005

What Happens in Reno.... really not that exciting.

I was in Reno over the weekend for an executive committee meeting of an academic group I belong to (the AAAs, not the auto club). It was actually a good time...other people who teach advertising are fun and smart, and much more affable than my current group of cultural marxist colleagues. I've never been in a 'gambling town' before, and I was glad to learn that I am quite unattractive to that lifestyle. The Casino was smoky, noisy and low ceiling, and made me feel claustrophobic. Maybe in a different mind set I would feel different (maybe after a dozen drinks, for example) but this time, not so much.

The travel went smoothly, the hotel was very nice in an overdone sort of way (I was in a 'red' room, with burgundy velvet drapes, upholstery, bedspread, etc, and four different wallpapers on the room. They change color every fourth room, so you'll have four red rooms followed by four blue room followed by four pink rooms, etc. They color-code the hallways so you 'll have a good idea where your room is, so the hallway changes color every 20 feet or so. Yeah. Odd.) The room had a two person jacuzzi which was very nice. A bit big for just me though.

I took the tiger sock and got some done on that, I will try to finish that before Tim leaves for St. L on Thursday but seriously doubt that will happen. I also am very close to finishing the body of the vest, which I'll work on today.

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vi said...

hihi sweetie, thank you for your comment on my adolescent chickens...hahahahah
car keys huh?
oh no....... I must have a talk with them chickens...
( keep knitting socks my dear, we need more sock knitters.... vi, who has an orange sock on the needles and a sweater for a class)