Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not Much New!

Lots o' workin' goin' on, as it is the end of term and all. Grading, getting ready for next term, going to meeting after meeting after meeting. Ah. Work. I'll have a few weeks off after next week so I can't complain (oh, heck, sure I can).

I'm about done with the Moebius from Hades. Pics soon.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts

1. I'm making a moebius with Prism Cool Stuff (and no, I didn't pay retail...I bought it at a destash at KR). It is ridiculous to work with.The yarn changes every few yards from a lovely velvety ribbon to a scritchy scratchy sparkly non stretchy yarn. Unfortunately, it looks wonderful in a moebius. Pics soon.

2. I'm about done with "About Beauty" by Zadie Smith. I tried (but did not finish) her other books (White Teeth, The Autograph Man (?)) but I'm enjoying this one quite a bit.

3. Tim's socks are mysteriously unravelling. It is due to either poor knitting (probable), over-affectionate kittens (possible), washing machine issues (doubtful) or fairies.

4. Now that it is almost December, we're coming to the end of several reality shows that I (blush) follow and (double blush) actually really enjoy. Here are my mini-miscellaneous thoughts on this:

  • Survivor Rooting for: Rafe Will he win? Hmm. Not sure if he can 'outwit' the rest of the group.
  • The Apprentice Rooting for: Randall Will he win? Probably.
  • ANTM Rooting for: Nik. Will she win? Oh who knows. There's seems to be some type of Magic Model Formula that only Tyra Banks has access to in order to make decisions.
  • Prison Break Rooting for: Fish, Tbag, DB Cooper, Lincoln, and the Mafia Guy. Will they win? Not sure. They got renewed for Spring, so maybe they'll be cooling their heels in the Joliet Prison a bit longer.

    5. And I'm officially on a Yarn Fast (I like that better than a diet) until Stitches West. Yep, I"m going...with my SIL Candace.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Before and After

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The felting went fine, thanks for asking! Here is the before picture. Clockwise from the top: a maroon/purple garter stitch potholder, the Teva Durham Kokopelli bag, a light blue and grey i-cord, and my Vintage Velvet Scarf. All amidst flotsam and jetsum of the kitchen table.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
And here is the after. Um, pretty much the same. Sort of. The Vintage Velvet Scarf got smaller (as expected) and some of my very loose stitches got tighter. The cable became much, much more evident. So it looks good. The icord and the potholder pretty much look like they are supposed to. The felted purse went from a normal sized purse to an itty bitty bag, which is OK. I went into it gung ho and knit up the bag (which uses a lot of short rows to get the interesting shape) and then realized that when TD says 'felted', she meant just a light felt to tighten it up a bit, not to felt it down to a fabric. But...I had knit it with the 'knowledge' that the felting would cover up my erros. Oops.

close up of bag
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
The bag stands alone! And it's pretty cute. Holds nothing, but it's pretty cute. I will probably enter this in the fair next year, and will use it as an evening-type bag.

We had a nice day yesterday: we drove to Pacific City to check on our property i.e. the Blackberry patch, had lunch at the Pelican Pub, let the dogs play in the water, and visited a new yarn shop: Nestucca Bay Fibers. It's a small shop with Debbie Bliss, Crystal Palace, Cascade 220, good prices but nothing unique. Bought some kid mohair just to be friendly.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Felting Friday

It's a bit after 7am, and four (count em) four felted items are in the washing machine.

Last night at 9 pm Tim's coworker Dwayne called to ask if Tim could go in early for Dwayne (who is apparently very under the weather, feel better Dwayne). So Tim got up at 6 to go in (he should be off around 11 am, which is a bonus) and I got up with him to get some stuff done. There's a giant basket of laundry, and before I can do that I wanted to get some things felted, specifically:

1. The final piece of Tim's mysterious Christmas gift
2. The last potholder for family gifts
3. My vintage velvet scarf (yes, it is done)
4. My loop-d-loop Kokopelli bag (worried about this one).

We had a great Thanksgiving, although Tim's cooking turned out better than mine. We started with marinated shrimps (Tim made them) around noon, and then started cooking mid-afternoon. We ended up with:

1. Samosas: with homemade dough, which was a bit thick, these were OK (I cooked)
2. Pakoras (potato and onion), good
3. Dry-fried shrimp, which is not dried shrimp fried but rather a twice-fried, reduction glazed shrimp that was awesome. Tim made, of course.

Then we finished around 7 with pie (neither of us made).

It was a cold, cloudy, wet and foggy day, so we hung out at home except for a jaunt around the block with the dogs, who were getting a bit antsy by this point.

Anyway...felting pics tomorrow (knock wood).

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I just wanted to wish any of my blog readers from the US a happy Thanksgiving.

We're having a non-traditional day, with Indian and Chinese appetizers.

May your turkeys be well stuffed!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey Leanne!

I am not good at keeping secrets. At all. So to be a 'Secret Pal' for ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR was hard. Hard hard hard.

So....after nine months of secrecy, I can officially say hi to my Secret Pal: Leanne! .

At times during the past nine months I've felt like a stalker, since I feel like I know a little bit about Leanne but she doesn't know anything about me (except, of course, what good taste I have in yarn gifts, ha ha). I've suffered through her move, through her sometimes-not-so-great job, through some frustrations over some aspects of the Internet.

I've been impressed by the fact that her blog was discussed in
USA Today (USA Today! She's a celebrity!)

I've been totally blown away by her knitting (and have improved so much this year, congrats to you, you are really an incredibly talented artist). I've been jealous of her other Secret Pals (how petty is that!). But I think I've made this year a little nicer for her, and she does great GUSHING posts over her Secret Pal surprises.

So I hope I've made a new knitting friend--and I've had a great time being Leanne's pal...mostly thanks to Leanne!

Thanks Leanne!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Tim!

Today is the birthday of the love of my life. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

And where is the man of the hour? At work. Sheesh. NASDAQ is testing today and it was his turn to be 'up' in the rotation. So he went zooming off at 5:45 am (after setting off the smoke alarm by trying to boil water for coffee in the teakettle, after forgetting to put in the water) and he's hopefully wrapping it all up around now. There are presents and cards and lots of animals waiting to tell him Happy Birthday while they're awake (including me). Tonight we'll go to a new restaurant, El Vaquero, for dinner.

And whatever he wants to do this afternoon, we'll do. It's his day, after all.

Friday, November 18, 2005

In Praise of Secret Pals

Secret Pal Stuff
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I have an awesome secret pal.

Nine, count 'em nine, balls of yarn appeared in the package! Four in this very soft and decorate eyelash yarn (and I'm one of the few people I know who really like eyelash yarn...this will definitely be a magic scarf). Three balls in a mixed green pallette with sparkles and flags. Two balls of sock yarn in rust and brown. And some feet cream yum! And my most intriguing gift...the cookies and clods...clearly a Canadian delicacy. Can't wait to try it!

Thanks Secret Pal! The mind reels!
>Can I just say, the whole 'sending gifts to people you don't know' is one of the coolest things about the knitting community. THink about it. Would you just send stuff to someone you don't know with the 'expectation' that someone ELSE you don't know will send you stuff too? Knitters do it ALL THE TIME. I mailed off my final secret pal box this morning--I've been receiving gifts all year long. And I had a great holiday gift exchange with RoseM last Christmas, and I'm anticipating a great exchange with Emy in Singapore this year (Hi Emy! I mailed your box today!).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Once again, minimal knitting content

Another crazy week with minimal knitting time. I have some weird pulled muscle in my back, so that hasn't helped: it is hard to knit when you are rolled up in a ball moaning. At least for me.

But random thoughts:

1. I'm reading The Domesday Book and while I am not a sci fi time travel fan, I'm liking this book a lot. A real page turner, it is.

2. I bought some pink prism cool stuff in a destash. I think 300 yards. Suggestions? Moebius perhaps?

3. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". I hear 10 seconds of it and then it is stuck in my head for days.

4. Still no mice.

5. We watched Star Wars 3 this weekend. Talk like he does, why does Yoda? Be in normal order can't one line? A little annoying it got. In Yoda speak maybe I'll write an article. More incomprehensible than other articles it can not be.

6. I just realized that I lapsed into Yoda speak in random thought #1. Totally unplanned.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quick Updates

1. The Vintage Velvet scarf progresses nicely, even though I had to frog back four rows because I did a bad cable cross. I'd show you pics but they just look like blechness...even with Megan's advice to try without a flash it just isn't working. Oh well. It is a great looking scarf, if I do say so myself.

2. Thanks to those who have asked about little Stella Cat...she went for about a month without a seizure (that we could tell) but had another one early Saturday morning. But so far, not another one. So we're still in a holding mode.

3. Mice: looks like they're gone. [Insert big sight of relief here}.

4.Christmas is starting to freak me out.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Red Socks

red socks
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These red socks...knit two at a time on two circs, two up....are finally done. I can't even remember when I started on them. I just had enough 'television knitting' with other things that I didn't need a sock project. So, finally finished them and here they are. The pooling that you see in the picture isn't nearly as evident in the real socks. oh well. Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Can't complain.

I cast on...just one this time...for socks for Tim out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River or Red Ruby or Red River or Ruby Red is a pretty colorway.

I finally received a package that I bought at someone's stash reductoin on KR...two skeins of Prism Cool stuff in Pink, some Lorna's Laces, and some other sock yarn. Very cool. I'm excited, especially about the prism, and will probably do a moebius out of that.

We spent yesterday 'getting things done'...much was accomplished...lots of little tasks. Then last night I got slammed with what I think is food poisoning, which has made today quite the mellow day for me. And that's nice too, except for of course the food poisoning. Sometimes I guess we need a little reminder to relax.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Beware: actual knitting content

little things
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Finally, a chance to post some pictures of knitting! First of all, I made these two little Christmas ornaments from some red acrylic yarn that was part of a eBay grab bag accented with Crystal Palace Fizz (I love that yarn. Why do many hate it so?). They were both easy...about half an hour each...and they will decorate some packages somewhere. I might even make another.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Here's a close up of the vintage velvet scarf with Touch Me. Doesn't look like much, does it?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lack of Knitting Concentration

I haven't been knitting lately, with no good excuse.Oh, I do a row or two or three but no major progress.

I'm a little preoccupied with the battle against the mice who are living under our house (and who want to be in our house). I really, really, really hate mice. Hate. Mice. Hate 'em.

Luckily, Tim is a fearless warrior against the tiny invaders, and mans the traps daily. I think we're close to getting them ousted. But I'm sort of obsessing over them.

Hate 'em.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cheated on Yarn diet

Yeah. It lasted about a day. can now buy Socks that Rock direct from the artisans at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Very cool. Love this much as Mountain Colors.

And Sunday? I was spinning and sort of complaining-but-not-really about the high speed whorl of my little Kiwi, and Tim says "why don't you buy that wheel you want? " At first I was sure it was too expensive, but then we discussed it and figured thatChristmas is coming and we usually get gifts of cash from our parents--so I could look at is as an early Christmas present. Since the wheel takes 6-8 weeks to arrive the timing should work out perfectly.

Who can argue with logic like that?

So, a Schacht Matchless (!!!!) will be on its way to me. Pretty cool.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


We accomplished a lot (OK a little bit) this weekend. The biggest accomplishment is the 'opening' of Tim's eStudio for his ceramic work:

Tim's eStudio

It is sponsored by a gallery called DIVA (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts), which is a great organization.

I finished the last Christmas potholder (it needs felting still) and did a few little knit Christmas ornaments (will post tomorrow).

A good weekend.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Deep breath

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It has been a crazybusy week, more so than normal, because of various visitors to the J school and our big 'event' of the year, a semi-formal dinner on Thursday night. Add a couple of bad nights' sleep because of the time change just to increase the craziness. It has been nice today to just kick back and watch the Ducks beat Cal and be warm and cozy while the weather outside is frightful.

I have finished the Blackberry, and it is a bit on the heavy side but I do like it quite a bit. I think I'll knit a closure (maybe do frogs or something, or perhaps I'll felt a button, the yarn I used would probably be incredibly feltable) but can't decide yet.

I've started on the home run toward Christmas gifts, with half a potholder done. I got it in my crazy head today to make knitted ornaments for package decorations, so have printed out a couple patterns from the Internet. The thought of small, quick projects is quite appealling, given that I've done a couple of fairly big projects lately.

Oh. And I'm on a yarn diet (yet again). My sister-in-law invited us down for Stitches West in February, and we plan to go. So that gives me three months to use up what I have. Yeah. Right.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am so fickle. A few weeks back I posted about my new love, Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon. I do still love you, MCMR, I DO, but I have found another softsoftsoft yarn that has turned my head.

Touch Me, by Muench.

Yes, it is chenille, which means it worms. Yes, you cannot (CANNOT) make an error because tinking is ridiculous. Yes, the yarn sort of wraps around itself as you're knitting and it becomes a total pain to straighten it out. And YES, it is ridiculously expensive.

Don't care.

This yarn is so soft, so delicious, so, oh I don't know, wonderful, that I want to knit a cave out of it. Really. That would only cost about, oh, a gazillion dollars.

A girl can dream. About Touch Me.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Total Trick or Treaters: 3

so spooky
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On a wet Oregon night, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that we only had three total trick or treaters. The best one, of course, was Evan, who came charmingly dressed as a pumpkin boy. In honor of his first Halloween, I dressed as a cat (kittyville hat, black gloves, a pair of black pantyhose tucked in my back pocket for a tail, and whiskers and kitten nose made of black eyeliner). Tim put one of the dogs' costumes on and went as a man eating shark man person thing.

Evan was the cutest of us all, no competition.