Monday, December 26, 2005

Gifs, Surprises, and More

the backgammon board
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We had two lovely days of celebration and peaceful times....lots of phone calls to relatives, lots and lots of good food, lots of fun times with friends and with our little family, and lots of surprises under the tree.

Here's the surprise gift I made for Tim last summer and gave him for Christmas...a backgammon board. There is a pattern in "Knitter's Stash" and I knit it in a larger guage and felted it down. It looks great, if I do say so myself. Those little glass pebbles for vases will serve as the pieces, and I also bought two navy blue die (no doubling cube, does anyone use that?).

evan et al
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Steve, Jen and Evan came over Christmas Eve for our 'traditional' tenderloin dinner, although my guess is that we could have just had artichoke dip and called it a day. Afterwards we exchanged gifts (we got a terrific picture of Evan with a frame he made himself!) (ooh, and chocolate pretzels yum). Evan was mystified by his first gift, although Shasta clearly doesn't really care as long as it is food.

finished fishies
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And what to his wandering eyes did appear? A fishy afghan! Evan seemed somewhat impressed with it, as he immediately put it in his mouth. I think it turned out great...instead of sewing the fishes together I used a three stitch i-cord which sort of sets the fish off from eachother. Then there's an icord edging all the way around. Hopefully it will be baby proof!

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And under our tree Christmas morning? Three books from my mom and a book from Tim. Tim gave me 'Beyond Wool" as he knows I want to learn more about the different fibers out there...and this looks like a good book. From my mom (at my request)...Oddball Knitting, Vogue Felting, and Knitting Vintage Socks. This last book, by Nancy Bush, is absolutely fascinating! I can hardly wait to get into some different sock patterns.

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And finally, it just wouldn't be Christmas without yarn, now, would it? My mom sent me Baby Alpaca Grande, enough for a gorgeous hat that I'm designing in my head. Three balls of Baby Alpaca Branch, which might become a branching out. And a 54-yard hank of Llama from a farm in Arizona. Very cool. Not sure what I'll make with it but definitely something good.

So, a lovely Christmas. Tim has the week off (we yell 'yay' whenever we hear NPR announce that the stock market is closed) and we're having another relaxing day today. I hope peace is with you this season!

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Kate said...

Love that fishies afghan! The I-cord was a great idea!