Thursday, December 01, 2005

Giving and receiving

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My Holiday Elf, Emy received her Gift Elf package, and I think she likes it :-). Happy Holidays Emy! It is fun Elfing with you.

Today I received sock yarn in the KR Sock Round Robin. This beautiful Koigu is from Minh...thanks Minh! Minh sent some charming little beaded stitch markers too...I've never had any like this and I'm so afraid I'll lose them, but I'll give them a try.

Some wildfoote handpainted is off to Lella tomorrow.

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And here is a gift on multi-levels...the moebius cool stuff scarf. It is a gift from me to me (like most of my knitting). It is a gift to be able to create another beautiful thing from Cat Bordhi's book. And it is a gift to be done with knitting with this @#$%^ yarn!

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