Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Reading

I'm catching up on reading over the break. As I mentioned, I "re"-read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Much of it was very new to me (due to reading it the first time under the influence of Percoset)..SPOILER ALERT! If you are the only person left in the US who is planning to read HP and the HBP then just stop now, please. OK.

I didn't remember who the HBP was, or that Harry hooked up with Ginny, or that the Horcrux that HP and Dumbledore found was a phony. Anyway. It was a good book, although I still think #4 is my favorite.

Then. I read "Outlander". Many of the knitters at KR rave about this book, ney the entire series, so I went ahead and read the first one. At first, I wasn't that taken by the book...I zipped through the book pretty fast, especially the last 300 pages or so (yes, the last 300 pages, the book is like 900 pages long) because in all honestly I was getting a bit weary of the "Claire about to get raped...Jamie saves her" "Jamie about to die, someone usually Claire but occasionally someone else saves him" plot devices and the "I dinna ken ye as a witch, sassenach" dialogue that was on every page. But now that it is finished, I just can't shake the characters. I want to know what happened next...did Claire go back to the 1940's? Did she stay there and go to Rome with Jamie? Rarely do characters get under my skin like that. So. I have the next 800+ page book, Dragonfly in Amber, waiting for me.

I read "The Lost Painting" by Jonathan Harr, which is the story of scholars who found a lost Carravagio (sp?) masterpiece in the 1990s. Harr expanded an article he wrote (for the New Yorker?) to book length, but it really would be better suited for a long article. It was an interesting story but not enough to pad it out for an entire book. Anyway. I learned a lot about Carravagio (sp?) and it was a nice break after reading Scot dialect in "Outlander".

Now, I started "Wedding in Winter" by Anita Shreve. She's a good writer, that Anita Shreve. She knows how to craft a good story. It's a short one too, so I'll probably be finished with it in a day or so.

So that's what's up with me and my reading. And you?


Irie said...

I'm doing some winter comfort reading: The Hobbit!

chittavrtti said...

I finished Tess and am working my way through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell. ****CV