Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I *Am* the Christmas Sock!

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Flickr doesn't want to rotate photos today, so here's an odd view of the current progress of Tim's latest pair of socks. I finished the first one Saturday night...it was the Nasdaq Christmas party, and Steve and Jen didn't have a sitter....so I stayed home with Jen and Evan, while Tim and Steve went to the Christmas party. Jen and I yakked all night while I finished the first sock.

It is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River or something like that.

I'm also working on an afghan square and 'thinking about' casting on for a felted hat.

We finally got around to watching the 'finale' of Prison Break last night. See, Mafia Guy is NOT dead! He'll be back.

But, can we say dissappointing? Oops, can't break out. Sorry guys. See ya in March for the execution. If you don't watch Prison Break, you're thinking right now I've lost my mind. Apologies all around.

My students have their final projects due tomorrow and then some serious grading commences. TOday I spent a good half hour shredding old papers at our office at home. It felt good. How weird is that?


Unknown said...

It should feel good to shread in my opinion. You are getting rid of all that stuff. I don't have a shredder, but love being able to throw stuff away (even though I am a bit of a pack rat).

Anonymous said...

I was a bit disappointed with the finale too. In fact I think I jumped up from the couch shrieking Nooooooo when they found out the pipe had been replaced. Shredding is far too much fun to be a responsible activity.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Shredding give you control over the Paper Lion, Kim who wants to rule your life. It's a good thing to have control back.