Sunday, December 18, 2005


This happens to me every few months or so: indecision on what to start next, knitting wise.

I finished the Ruby Red Socks for Tim. They were a bit snug so I tried to block them longer. We'll see.
I spent much of yesterday weaving in ends on Evan's Christmas gift, and it looks good. I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the Afghan Square.

So, the indecision is: what next?

I cast on some alpaca for a hat for Tim (his request), but the vast quantities of stockinette has me yearning for something more comlex. I have some koigu from the Sock Round robin for some socks for me. I also want to start on a cabled purse with dowel handles, but can't decide whether it should be a winter or summer purse. I am in the mood for little things, but little challenging things. Thus is the problem.

Maybe the creel pattern bag from Folk Bags? I started it once but didn't quite get the pattern going. I have the wool for it. I have some deep grey cashmere that I thought I'd knit a pair of gloves, but I don't think I have enough double points (but could, of course, venture out and purchase some). Just....can't.....decide.

I tried a little wire knitting yesterday, and it looks like a disaster. I'd like to wire knit bracelets for Christmas next year...and it has become evident to me why wire knitting always includes beads...because it looks like garbage without a little bling.

So, what do you do when indecision strikes?

In other news....

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...our tree is up, the animals are all decked in their holiday bows, and there's a little bit of an ice storm happening outside right now (hey, next best thing to snow, especially on a Sunday). We have a holiday open house to go to this afternoon. I will probably try to wrap a few gifts for Tim today, but nothing goes under the tree when you have two nosy dogs and two crazy cats living with you. The Christmas mix is ready on itunes. Bring on Christmas!

I'm re-reading the 6th Harry Potter....the first time I read it was after we returned from CR and before I had my clavicle surgery, so I read it whilst taking very strong drugs. Needless to say, reading it now is like reading it for the first time. Lucky me! I haven't read much else decent in the past month (Jane Fonda's autobiography comes to mind) but I have a stack of paperbacks (Outlander, And What About the Dog, Middlemarch) to get through over Christmas.


Chriswab said...

Hi I´m Chriswab. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Stephanie said...

Luckily for me I always have so many projects going that I never fall prey to knitting indecision - but I take longer to finish things too so it's a toss up!