Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Penny for Your Thoughts!

kr pal reveal
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As in Penny, my KR secret pal.

She finally revealed herself in this terrific Christmas package which included a hand knit stocking, a Christmas cracker, candycandycandy, a Knit 1 magazine that I don't have and has a pattern for the sweater I want to make for Tim in it, and some mysterious plastic thingees that are bobbins for knitting intarsia.


And Fleece Artist.

Yes. My alcohol, my crack, my opium, my chocolate (OK not my chocolate)....Fleece Artist. In these incredibly spring candy colors. It is the favorite soft mitten/sock kit (and I'm making the socks) in a 'multi mix' colorway. It is awesome. My toes are wiggling in delight.

Thanks Penny. You were a great secret pal!

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And in other news....

What do you do when you're supposed to go snowshoeing but you wake up with a nasty sinus infection that prevents reading and knitting? Well, you make a wreath. Not an original idea...the fiber store in Oak Ridge, TN had one hanging on their wall...but I've been wanting to do something with all the bibs and bobs of yarn I've had lying around. It's fun to see stuff I've knit 'enshrined' in the wreath. I topped it off with a pair of cheap lion brand knitting needles that look great. So. Up on the door it goes as soon as the greenery wreath comes down.

So that's what is up with me. Gave up on Wedding in Winter, it was not compelling at all. May have to start on Dragonfly in Amber this afternoon.

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Teyani said...

cute wreath!
I loved HP #4 best as well!!