Saturday, December 03, 2005

Secret Knitting and Penguin Thoughts

I spent most of my knitting time yesterday finishing off a Christmas gift, and discovered a great way of joining pieces for a quilt: using 3-stitch attached icord. It looks great and should hold pieces together well. I'm very, very happy, especially since I hate seaming and am not good at it at all. Now, if only sweaters could be seamed with icord. Anyway. Pics after Christmas.

We watched "March of the Penguins" last night on was such a sweet movie with lots of 'awwww' moments. It did, however, bring back a bad Penguin memory for me. When I lived in Boston I was a docent at the New England Aquarium. As a beginner docent, I didn't get a lot of 'good' assignments and mostly spent my time telling people not to throw stuff in the Giant Ocean Tank and pointing out bathrooms.

Anyway. when you walk in the Aquarium you see that the first floor is taken up by the 'penguin tray', a giant open pool-like area for penguins that's about five feet below the floor, and the Giant Ocean Tank rises above it. Anyway. I was on Penguin Tray Duty (see spitting and bathroom info, above) and noticed that a large group of special needs youth were visiting. The group had about one chaperone for every ten or twelve kids. I was just wandering over to them to see if they wanted to learn anything about Penguins, when the next thing I of the kids has hopped over the barrier and jumped in the penguin tray.

My reaction? Yell: "someone is in the Penguin tray' and hope someone hears me who knows what to do. I then ran into the adjacent gift shop and got the workers there to call up to the scientists. At the same time, one of the chaperones then climbed over the barrier to get to the kid (the penguins had all hurried off to the far corners of the tray). A scientist then opened the gate and went in to get them.

Then I got yelled at. The basic gist of the yelling was "do you realize what this could do to the penguins?"

Um, yeah. Poor penguins. Penguins that are treasured by hordes of visitors ten hours a day, g are fed popcorn and soda and other treats, and basically have grown up surrounded by people. Penguins that get nasty with the feeders when they run out of fish. Penguins that while adorable are, yes, a bit spoiled.

Anyway. I mumbled something about how gross it would be to be covered in Penguin-lived-in-water and went back to my post. And I pretty much stopped being a docent that day. I love animals, and I know the penguins were frightened and their lives disrupted (although they immediately went back to that part of the tray once the people got out). But to yell at me about the penguins, when I really felt bad about the poor folk covered in Penguin affluvia, and to yell at me when my job was to TEACH PEOPLE about penguins, not to be the SPIT POLICE, well, that was pretty much it.

But. Anyway. It was a good movie. Go rent it.

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amber said...

That's hilarious. Gave me a good chuckle.