Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wheely Good Fun

I love the new wheel! I've been spinning on it for the past several days and so enjoying it. Here is what I like about it!
1. No wobbles. The Kiwi, being a 'beginner' wheel, was not too balanced, and if I got a bit of speed up it would start wobbling. Once I put the fast flyer on, it wobbled pretty much non stop. No wobbling with the Matchless (that I think is named Maya, did I say that once?)
2. No muscling the bobbin out of the maidenl. Maya has a knob you turn and it loosens up the maiden (I think that is what it is called). Not so the Kiwi.
3. Double drive. Love it. I love Scotch tension too, but the double drive seems to work well for me.
4. The tensioned lazy kate. No more bobbin flopping when I'm plying.
5. The wood . It is so beautiful to touch. It is really a work of art.
6. Yarn. Good yarn. Happy spinster.

I finished the majority of Tim's socks and now I just have the heels to do, which I will probably start today.

1 comment:

Teyani said...

looks like a schact...?
I have one and I love it - got it used 5 years ago, and wouldn't trade it for anything !
Congrats.. and joyous holidays. you have many many happy spinning years ahead with this wheel - you'll never 'outgrow' it!