Monday, January 16, 2006

15 1/2 Afghan squares

square grr
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I finished the 'middle' of this square, which is completed by attaching a border of a simple eight-row eight stitch cable pattern.

Let me pause to insert that yes, I know this 'middle' looks like a plate of wiggly worms, and it didn't turn out near as nice as the picture in the book. Whatever.

Anyway. I spend several hours working on the border. The instructions read to repeat the eight-row pattern seven times, then follow the instructions for the mitered corner (which I did fine, thank you). In my numerical-dyslexic-don't-do-complex=things-right-now frame of mind, I repeated the pattern nine times.

For half of the entire border.

So yes, it had to be frogged. And then I put the whole thing away under the bed, to be looked at again maybe in March.

sock one
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In happier knitting news, though, this sock for Tim knit up very quickly. I went up a needle size from my normal size (which is what, a 1 or a 2) and it looks good and (I repeat) went fast. I'm at the heel turn for the second sock so I'm a happy girl with these.

And I started on...finally...clapotis!!! I'm using Lion and Lamb from Lorna's Laces that has been in the stash for almost a year. So far, so good with this one.

little knits stash
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And in still happy news, I received my first order from Little Knits . Lickety split. It's a skein of Schaeffer Anne, which is all the talk at KR, and two skeins of Lorna's Laces safari which is for socks for Tim (a bit silky, but maybe good for spring for him). This is a terrific store with fabulous prices. Love them!

And in even better news, we had an entire day without rain yesterday. But it is back today.

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