Sunday, January 29, 2006

2/3 of a Clapotis

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
It probably wasn't the best idea to take a picture of my clappy on the sofa, with the stripes and all.

Oh well.

I'm about 2/3 done. You can see the drop stitch pattern on the right side of the clappy. I really like this pattern (as you know).

Other news? Yesterday was a day of errands. Much of it was spent packing up my Kiwi and shipping it off to its new home in Antioch, Illinois. A KRer named Samantha was posting that she lost an ebay auction on a Louet so I emailed her asking if she was interested in the Kiwi. Several exchanges later, we had agreed on a price and checked out shippping options. So there ya go! The wonder of the Internet!

We watched about 2/3 of a movie, Junebug, that wasn't that good. It has received very good reviews but my theory is that once you've lived in the South, eccentric southerners just aren't that charming any more.

So I guess 2/3 is the theme of this post. Did you get 2/3 of anything accomplished?


Anonymous said...

your clapotis is coming along beautifully! i love this pattern too -- so much fun to drop those stitches and watch it run!

Teyani said...

that clapotis is fabulous!
Makes me want to try one..