Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bad Hare Night

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. Anytime you frog more than you knit is not good. And when your bunny is sick, it is even worse.

But first the good news. I finished the socks made out of Schaeffer Anne. And even better news...the total weight of both socks was 46 grams, and I have about 70 grams left. Yes. More socks. I'll do the next pair on a smaller pair of needles, though.

So. The bad night. Tim was at his 'photographing artwork' class so I thought I'd hunker down with Clapotis and the new socks I'm making for Tim. But. Louise, the rabbit (scroll down a bit to see her in all her rabbit cuteness), did not eat dinner. Not a big deal, you might be thinking, but if rabbits don't eat for 12 hours, their little systems can shut down leading to death. And since I had been at work all day, I really had no idea what time she had last eaten. Her ears were also a bit cool, which isn't bad itself but it can be a symptom of dehydration.

So, instead of knitting, I ran out to the grocery store to get her favorite food (banana) to tempt her into eating. I tried carrots. I tried petromalt (not a good thing for her, but she likes it). She didn't want any of it. I spent about half an hour massaging her abdomen to try to get any blockage moving. I force-fed her some water to keep her from getting dehydrated.

Anytime I sat down to knit, I thought of something else i wanted to try for Louise, you know how that goes. I just wasn't concentrating, and ended up frogging everything I actually knit..

The good news is that this morning she had eaten her salad, her banana, her carrots,her pellets, her petromalt, 1/3 of her water bottle, and was ready for more. Litter box activity was odd but at least stuff has been moving through. She had a salad and some banana for breakfast and seems back to normal, giving me the 'what's up with you' quizzical look that she does so sweetly.

And her ears? Toasty, toasty warm. I guess she had what others call a 'bad hare day'. But now she's fine. Hooray!


Stephanie said...

You probably helped her out by being so aware. Not many pet owners would notice the little things that can lead to big trouble.

Teyani said...

so glad to hear that your little baby is fine..
don't blame you at all for being distracted. Our furry friends count on us to be aware of their needs.
BTW, gorgeous socks.