Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's True

Clapotis is addictive.

I have six repeats done. All I want to do is get to row 8 (you Clappy gals know what's coming) and DROP THAT STITCH.

I'm probably halfway done (well, clearly, with six repeats I am, but you know, using my scientific yarn weight calculation).

And a question:

I'm knitting socks with Schaeffer Anne, and while I love this yarn, WHY do they sell it in 560 yard hanks? No way I'm going to use that much on my socks. then I'll have a bit left over. To do what with? This annoys me a bit about the yarn biz. But that's another post.

Clap on!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Just a Idea here but you could make some very cute mini-sweaters. that is hat I do with my left over yarn. or you could use my other trick: Make a magic ball and knit a scaft.
Have a wonderful day.