Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Long Road to Torino

Today marks about the bazillionth day of rain here in Pacific Northwest, we took a break from building the ark and went out looking for something to ease the pain of cabin fever.

We went ice skating.

We haven't been for several fact, portions of our skate boots were rusted from living in the wet garage (and lack of use). I also haven't done anything active other than walk since I broke my collarbone. But there we were....two grey haired grown ups skating around the Lane County Ice Rink in the company of about half a dozen birthday parties for 6-year-old girls and about 40 International students from the UO who have never been on skates before.

It was fun. I usually get a little annoyed at the rink: people not looking where they're going, skating the wrong way and (my big pet peeve) blocking the entrance/exit to the rink (in order to take pictures, talk to friends, etc). (There are only two openings to the rink, and only one person can use it at a time. When Grandma blocks it to take pictures of little Bitsy her first time at the rink, well, things get a bit backed up).
But today I maintained my good mood and we had fun. And the promise of beer and Kobe burgers after didn't hurt.

I bought some beautiful yarns from Little Knits and if you're looking for an online lys I can't recommend Sue enough. Pics tomorrow, along with a sock.

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Teyani said...

ice skating sounds like a blast!
We had a small sun break here today, but its raining again now.. 30 days and counting !