Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Clappy Calculations

Anne Sock
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Encouraged that I'm not a total nerd, here is how I figured out yarn allocation for my clapotis.

I only bought 3 skeins of Lion and Lamb, and bought them a year ago. Since then, I've read several places that three skeins are not enough. So, I thought I'd preempt the problem and measure the weight of the ball of the L+L as I progressed, figuring that:

Sections 1+2 should account for 20% of the total yarn
Section 3 should account for 60% of the total yarn
Sections 4+5 should account for 20% of the total yarn

So this means of a total of 300 grams of L+L, 60 grams should be spent on each of the 'end' sections and the rest go in the middle.

So, as I knit section 2, at the end of every 12 row repeat I measured how much was left in the ball (we have a tiny scale for weighing our bird, which does grams and ounced). After 5 repeats, i had 50 grams left on the ball (so I'd knit 50 grams). At that point, I did the first 6 rows of the repeat and then moved on to section 3.

So, there you go.

Nerd mode off.

Here's a pretty sock that I"m doing too (Schaeffer Anne, a lovely yarn) just to balance the nerdiness with some beauty.


chittavrtti said...

thank you :)***CV

Alyssa said...

Hi Kim,
your Clapotis is beautiful! And I love that sock yarn too:)
To answer your question about the Baltic Sea Stole -- the pattern says it requires 900 yards of sportweight Mohair (Lorna's Laces Heaven). I was going to use Heaven except I couldn't find the color I wanted. Usually has the best prices on Heaven and Helen's Lace. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... that's strange. There were numbers and percents and grams -- even a "plus" sign! But somehow I still didn't understand what you were talking about! D'oh!