Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spun Fun

fleece artist evil
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I've been doing a bit of spinning and, for the most part, loving it. I thought I'd post some of my handspun and regale you with a horror story.

This morning, I sat down to spun my prized fleece...some fleece artist roving that I bought on eBay 3-4 months ago. I was waiting til I was a halfway decent spinner to spin it. And guess what?

As I sat down to spin, I noticed that there was a huge matted glob in the roving. So I pre-drafted and pre-drafted and tugged and pulled but all told, about 1/5 of the roving was unworkable. I was so dissapointed! Someone at KR said that it could felt on its own, just by existing. My guess is that it came felted and I didn't check it closely when it arrived. Ah well. Live and learn. Anyway, the good news is that I matched up the colors on the plies pretty well ( a first for me) and my two bobbins were almost the exact same size (another first for me). The bad news is the yarn is pretty itchy and scratchy and not the Fleece Artist I know and love.

wool and alpaca
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This is a wool/alpaca mix that I spun for a handspun exchange at KR. I hope I have enough...I think there are 15 people in the exchange and I'm supposed to send five yards for each person. We'll see. I could measure I guess. Anyway, this turned outnicely and the alpaca, while a bit of a pain to spin, really softens up the wool.

more for Tim's sweater
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And finally, a bit more yarn for Tim's sweater. I think I might even be able to start the sweater...I am going to do a Knitting Pure and Simple top down raglan sleeve pullover, and hope he likes it. It should come out all tweedy. If he wont' wear it I probably will!

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