Friday, January 06, 2006

Winding Down/Gearing Up

Vacation is almost over, as classes resume next week, and it will be a very hectic January/February for me. I'll look forward to the relative calm of spring.

In retrospect, I read a lot, knit a lot, spent time with the love of my life, and didn't resort to making Frozen Pot Pies for dinner until last night. So it must have been a pretty good break.

I've finished my foray in to the "Outlander" series by zipping through "Dragonfly in Amber". The characters are no longer under my skin. How those books manage to go on for a gazillion pages is beyond me.

I also read the book "Truth and Consequences" by Alison Lurie. She tends to write novels about small private school college campuses in the Northeast. Her characters (faculty and students) have affairs, attend cocktail and dinner parties, and generally do little teaching or research. Maybe because I've spent time at larger universities, but I've never encountered any of the people she writes about. Am I missing something?

I started on Middlemarch. It is also a gazillion pages long but oh well. At least it isn't written in dialect.

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Kucki68 said...

Have you read Small World or Changing Places by David Lodge? Those are academic novels as well and got me hooked on Lodge for a time.