Saturday, February 04, 2006

4 grams of yarn

4 grams of yarn
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That's all that was left when I finished my clapotis.

I was a bit worried. All of a sudden I look at the ball and there is almost nothing left...and I didn't seem to be anywhere close to finished. But then I held my breath and just kept on going, and lo and behold, I had a tiny little ball of yarn left and clappy was done.

The banana is to give you some idea of the actual amount of yarn that is left.

clappy complete
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And here it all of its clappy goodness.

I loved knitting this. I will love wearing this.

In other news...

Are you watching "Bleak House'? On "Masterpiece Theater"? It is an adaption of the Charles Dickens book. It is great. Plus, all the charachters have great Dickensonian names, like Mr. Guppy. So we're giving all our animals DIckens names.

Louise, the rabbit,is Lady Greyears.
Shasta, the dog, is Miss Wagglehard (she wags her tail quite hard).
Stella, the cat, is Miss Seizurefit.

And so on.

Bleak House. BLEAK HOUSE. Go watch it.


Teyani said...

Fantastic!! Ten points for courage while striving for completion ! Talk about some stress....
Clapotis looks mahhh-velous darlink..
and you'll look smashing in it, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Wowwowowow! I love it! Now I have to get mine done.