Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the 90 minute sorority girl

I was never in a sorority in college even though probably 60% of the students were (this was the 70s, people, it was the thing to do in the MidWest). I went through rush twice, once I dropped out, once I got dropped. Oh well. I thought I was over it.

But when two of my students invited me to their scholarship dinner, I was positively giddy! I guess I wasn't as 'over it' as I thought.

So Monday I was a ninety-mnute Pi Phi when I joined two of my lovely students, Ashley and Desi, for dinner. We sat in a crowded dining room at a table with three other lovely Pi Phis and one other faculty member (who was a grad student in the music school, and looked about 12). We ate little food (really...little slices of chicken, little roles, little ice cream bowls) and I had a terrific time chatting with the women at the table. We talked about grades, about pressure, about support systems at the was really a good time.

But I was glad to leave. Too many women in way too small a space. They snap their fingers instead of clap for things they like, and the incessant clapping (for good grades, for the ice cream, for all the faculty members joining them). The singing. It was starting to get a bit much. But I was glad I was asked, and I was glad I went. Go Pi Phi~

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