Thursday, February 23, 2006

Casting On

Pre-Stitches Mindset: Maybe I'll just knit socks for the rest of my life.
Post-Stitches Mindset: I want to KNIT IT ALL!

I don't know what it was about Stitches, but I am so psyched to try new things knitting wise. Maybe because it came at the end of an incredibly busy and tense six week period in my life...maybe it is because I just got word that my sabbatical was approved (yay), but now I'm just itching to knit all kinds of new things. Maybe it is the gorgeous new yarn that is in my stash, um, knitting basket.

As you know, I started the Mandarin Blouse, and I'm about 8 inches into that. I also cast on for the Streakers Shrug out of La Lana Streakers. This is probably the first time I've knit with really 'good' wool and it is an absolute pleasure. I can't put it down, even if it is just stockinette. And I finished one sock in Lorna's Laces and cast on the second for my 'purse sock', and then I cast on with STR medium weight for a pair of socks for Tim.

And i had to stop myself from casting on for Madli's Shawl and for Cat Bordhi's shawl from IK Summer '04.

And I had to stop myself from casting on for the Sunrise Circle Shawl.

I'm in a bad, bad way.

I also started a long has it been since I read anything? Anyway, started 'The Good Life' by Jay McInerny. I like it.

Did you see the PBS special on "Windsor Castle"? Pretty cool. Makes you want to be royal for a while, if just for the creme brulee (STEVE).

Quintisential (sp??) Stitches Moment: Knitting Lady comes up to me and says "Is that a Clapotis in Lion and Lamb in Black Pearl"?

Why yes. It is.

And Clapotis? Pronounce it Cla-poe-TEE. Trust me.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like you had a great time at Stitches. I went to Stitches Midwest last fall for the first time and was floored. It is such an overwhelming and fabulous event (though my credit cards might not agree;). Your purchases are lovely. I'm thinking I might need some Socks That Rock. It does seem to be the hot yarn right now.
That's pretty cool you got to meet Nancy Bush. I've been tempted by Madli's shawl too. I hope you make it! (Any pictures of Branching Out? I'd love to see it)

Anonymous said...

I've been tivo'ing the Windsor castle series. Last weeks was great with the dinner for the French and setting up Les Mis in the "Music" Room. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Clapotis: I never thought about how it was French and therefore the s is silent. Thank you!

Teyani said...

Stitches was wonderful wasn't it!! Sorry I missed meeting you (not like there were thousands of people there or anything eh? :-)
I just love fiber events like this because of all the inspiration they bring!!