Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crossed Threads

sock for tim
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It is amazing how the internet connects me to other knitters, and how knitting connects me to the world. No, I'm not going to have a quasi-philosophical post, but some random knitting/life things have happened in the last few days that I thought I'd write about.

But first, a sock. This is the first one, out of some Cherry Tree Hill supersport that I got at the black sheep gathering last year. I don't think they make this yarn any more, and I only bought about 250 yards, hence the heavy insertions of black into the sock.

OK. First thing:

A student emails me that she wants to talk about single sponsor magazines. I thought she heard about me because of a lecture I gave on Target buying all the ads in an issue of the New Yorker . She comes in...a lovely young woman...and wants to talk about the topic because of..ready...Knit One! Being sponsored by Lion Brand. Cracks me up. We talked about knitting and advertising and publishing and had a lovely chat.

Second thing.

I posted about my bad hair cut. It turns out that a Kr-er, Bonnie has a MIL with a salon in Eugene. So I'll go to her for my next hair cut. And Bonnie? She lives in Costa Rica. Where we went on vacation last summer.

Third thing.

Not a biggie, but I was reading the new IK and read the back page article which was written by Julia Farwell-Clay . Julia posted in KR about a year ago that she needed one skein of black Rowan Magpie. I sent her one that I had (I don't like the yarn, was pleased to mail it off) and so have been a regular visitor to Julia's wonderful blog. I was delighted to read her article, and of course posted on her blog. And who knew? She had a secret contest that the first person who congratulated her would win a prize! And it was me!

Good knitting karma just goes around and around.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I hope your next visit to the haircutters goes well since you "know" Bonnie and I imagine it would be hard to express dissatisfaction in that situation.